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Kungfu Secrets

Master Wang Jin Fa, head of the last secret chapter of the Hong Men Society in Taiwan, knows something we don’t. He possesses a piece of ancient wisdom handed down through the centuries from master to disciple, and revealed only to a select few. But Master Wang is old and the younger generation is no longer interested in what he has to say. Will his secret be lost forever, or will he find a new way of passing it on? Kungfu Secrets tells the story of kungfu in Taiwan, from the first Hong Men members more than 300 years ago to modern practitioners. We meet Tu Jin-Sheng, creator of the controversial “Iron Crotch” kungfu, who is able to pull an 8000-pound airplane… with his penis -- an exploit documented by the filmmakers. And Erin and Jade, two young women who dream of future Taiwanese kungfu glory and travel to China to compete for gold against the world’s best. And Master Wang himself; we follow him as he searches for a successor, and the filmmakers work to gain his trust in the hope of capturing his kungfu secret on film for the first time ever.


Broadcast worldwide at National Geographic Channel


Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film Festival


History   Asian   Sports   Anthropology   Arts & Artists

Produced and Directed by Mei-Juin Chen & Martha Burr

47 Minutes

channel 8
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