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Super Solar Yacht

Produced and Directed by Mei-Juin Chen & Martha Burr

47 Minutes

channel 7
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Thomas Meyer has a dream – to create the world’s first luxury catamaran powered entirely by solar energy, the Suncat 46. Super Solar Yacht follows our German “mad scientist” on his quixotic quest to make maritime travel go green. We visit him at his design studio in Berlin as he unveils the plans for his maverick boat. And we travel to Taiwan where a team of talented yacht-makers labors to turn his grand vision into reality. Engineers struggle with the Suncat’s novel design as top craftsmen race to apply the finishing touches to its luxurious interior in time for its first sea trial. A short detour into the science of photovoltaics and solar energy, as well as the history of electric boats dating back to the 1880s, gives context to our journey. Just as important, we learn that the fossil-fuel-powered vessels that crisscross our oceans are more than bit players in the tragedy of global warming. In fact, they are massive polluters and have a huge impact on the environment. We come to understand that what might seem at first to be a minor salvo in the war to save the planet actually has tremendous implications for the future. This amazing new boat may hold the key to eco-friendly maritime travel.


Broadcast worldwide at National Geographic Channel


Environment   Engineering & Science   History   Life Style

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