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Woman of the Southern Wind

Director:  Mei-Juin Chen

Producers:  Mei-Juin Chen & Ned Anthony

53 Minutes

Channel 4
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Woman of the Southern Wind explores the quest of Taiwanese performing artist Mei-O Chen to revive the ancient Chinese music known as Nanguan.  A former Nanguan singer, Mei-O has breathed new life into this endangered art as the founder-director of Taiwan’s internationally acclaimed Han Tang Yeufu Ensemble.  Han Tang combines the haunting melodies of Nanguan with the eerily beautiful choreography of another endangered Chinese tradition, Pear Orchard Theater.  We follow Mei-O, first in Taiwan and then in China, as she battles obstacles of class, custom, education, gender, politics and history to restore the lost glory of a music that, she believes, once cast its spell on listeners throughout the Middle Kingdom.  It is an inspiring journey by an unlikely savior.

Critical Response to Han Tang Yuefu

I’ve always resisted the term spell-binding, but sometimes nothing else will do.  That was the effect of Han Tang Yuefu, a music and dance ensemble from Taiwan… The performers offered a rare glimpse of the intricate, delicate percussion music and serene gliding and tilting dance of the traditional Pear Orchard style. - New York Times


History   Performing Arts   Arts & Artists   Asian   Women


Silver Chris Award, Columbus International Film and Video Festival 


New York Asian American Film Festival

Columbus International Film Festival

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